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Your payment app for social events


bitz provides an easy, secure and more efficient payment service for festivals and social events. There are two main concepts behind the Bitz Network


Super simple. Create your own Place, add your branding, products and accept payments 
for free.


Ordering made easy. Buy and manage your tokens with Wallet. Create orders or split the bill with your friends seamlessly. Spare tokens? Get your money back or reuse them in other events of the Bitz Network.

Easy, convenient and sustainable

That's how we like things. Current plastic tokens take up to 1,000 years to decompose, attendees loose them or carry them home and organizers pay excessive amounts of money to set everything up. So, what can we do about it?


Accept payments today the safest way

Create your Place, add your branding, products and get started right away. Also enjoy peace of mind as the money will always be safe and accessible through the Ethereum blockchain, no matter what.

Business Intelligence Engine

Or, in other words, a dashboard that provides real-time insights about customer behaviour and a complete overview of the logistics of the event (i.e. consumption levels, location-based data, etc).

Cut cost and be sustainable

Current plastic solutions harm the environment and are expensive. With Bitz less infrastructure, staff and logistics are needed. Also forget about the hustle of post event accounting.

Engage with your customers

Using the Business Intelligence Engine insights reward your loyal customers with Bitz tokens and offer customer-tailored discounts and promotions to them.


Beat the queue

Ordering made easy. Buy your tokens, order and pay using the app and forget about endless queues or the hustle of calling the barman’s attention. Pick up when notified and back to party

Lost or unspent tokens?

Who hasn’t been there? Tokens get lost during the day or found later in a random pocket once the festival is over. Those days are over. Even if you loose your phone the funds can instantly be locked.

Group order

The pain is real. Making group orders and splitting expenses is the least fun part of the day when you deal with plastic tokens and impossible with contactless cards or wristbands. With Bitz making group orders is as easy as ordering only for you.

Reuse and earn Bitz

Freedom all the way. Do you want to get your cash back? Seamlessly sell your Bitz and receive Euros. Additionally you can reuse the tokens in other events of the Bitz Network and access exclusive discounts.

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