Grow your business.

Put your food and drinks in every customer’s pocket. Provide a mobile and contact-free ordering experience to your customers and staff.

Drive more sales

Reduce waiting times

Increase customer loyalty

Effortless onboarding


How it works.

Orders come.

The screen will flash and make a sound.

Prepare order.

Mark the order as Ready.
Your customer will be notified that it is ready to pick-up.

Deliver order.

Once the order is delivered, mark it as Complete

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Why Bitz.

Drive more sales.

Satisfy your customers' need for convenience and keep them coming.

Reduce wait times.

Let the staff prepare orders ahead and streamline your operations.

Increase customer loyalty.

Provide your customers with tailor-made promotions and loyalty benefits.

Effortless onboarding.

Use any device to manage orders.
No special training required.

You have total control.

Manage your store through an intuitive dashboard that lets you handle everything: menu, coming orders, financials and more.

Access real-time sales data

Automatic sync with POS

Set product availability and kitchen workload

Be discovered.

Plug into the pick-up network and expose your business to untapped on-the-go customers looking for convenience.

Drive more orders

Control the in-person experience

Reward loyal customers

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the setup costs?

Zero. In order to make the experience more complete we can provide custom marketing materials according to your brand that can placed in the store. We have flyers, cards and posters, and you can choose the desired quantity and where to place them in your store.

Can you integrate with our Point of Sale (POS)?

Yes! We’re fully integrated with Lightspeed. Feel free to reach out if you are with another provider as we are actively looking for more integrations.

How is the staff noticed of a new order?

Your staff will be notified through a flashing screen that will make a sound. You can use also use the Lightspeed app to manage orders, this means that you won't need an extra tablet. To see exactly how orders are managed, refer to the how it works or contact us.

How long do payouts take?

Payouts can be scheduled according to your preference on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Will our process be disrupted?

Staff is already juggling a dozen things at any given time. Changing a process they are comfortable with is the last thing we want to do. That's why we have designed the entire experience to be flexible so that using Bitz integrates into your existing workflow. 

Do I need a tablet to use Bitz? 

Not necessarily. If we integrate with your current POS, you can manage incoming orders directly from there. Moreover, Bitz works on any device (tablet, smartphone, laptop).

How long it takes to set up the system?

We strive to have your store up and running no more than 2 days after we receive your details.

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