business experience

Empower your customers.

Bitz creates a mobile store that allows guests to order from anywhere and at any time, allowing the staff to easily handle more orders and provide a better service.

By enabling mobile ordering, businesses can add a new revenue stream, increase customer spending and enhancing the brand experience.


From reactive.
To proactive.

Most businesses don't know their customers.
Leverage your sales information to improve your business and customer satisfaction.

Create customised promotions based on what your customers like. Increase your sales and manage your inventory in a smart way.

Why use bitz

The benefits.

Ease of use

Quick setup and no special training required.

Improve customer experience

Give your customers control of ordering in advance. Reward your loyal ones.

Reduce wait times

Let the staff prepare orders ahead and save time.

Real-time analytics

Monitor the most relevant KPI's through a Live Dashboard.

Embracing the trend

Why mobile ordering.

More orders
Increase order size
Cut waiting times

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